As a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), I work extensively with couples, and also work with individuals and families.

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Premarital Counseling/Education:  I offer premarital counseling sessions for individuals who are in a committed relationship or engaged and preparing for greater commitment. I also offer private and group educational classes for nearly and newly committed couples. You must register in advance for a group class as space is limited. The classes will include the PREPARE workbook and light refreshments and snacks. If you and your partner would like to complete the PREPARE Inventory in addition to the class, you may do so for an additional $35 per couple.

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Newly Married/Committed Counseling:  While this might seem like the same thing as couples or marriage counseling, I understand and specialize in working with newly married couples. The wedding is over and it’s time to relax and enjoy newlywed or committed status with your husband, wife, or partner. However, sometimes the happily ever after can be more challenging than we once thought. Perhaps communication seems ineffective or perhaps conflict is escalating or maybe there seems to be more conflicts about small, insignificant matters. Newlywed adjustment challenges are normal and can be resolved. I can help. I specialize in helping couples to enhance their skills to combat the challenges that often arise during this stage in their lives. 

Couples Counseling:  Both married/commited and unmarried/uncommitted couples may seek couples counseling for a variety of reasons. The goal of couples counseling is to understand the dynamics of the relationship of the couple to include observing the dynamics that are working for the couple and those that are not working for the couple. Those dynamics that are not working usually cause the relationship to experience strain, frustration, distance, and add stress to the partnership. My training and experience as a marriage and family therapist has prepared me specifically to work with couples. However, while I specialize in couples and relationships, I understand that there are individuals in each relationship with valid perspectives and concerns. This is why I also have to specialize in individual counseling, to meet the needs of each individual involved in a relationship. My approach to couples counseling often includes meeting with the couple for the first session and then meeting with each partner in the relationship individually for the second and third session.

Don’t have significant relationship problems, but want to enhance your relationship?

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Individual Counseling: I provide effective and quality counseling for individuals.  My specialties include providing counseling with adolescent girls, college-age women and men, adult women, as well as adult men regarding anxiety; depressed mood; pressures of school, work or home; self-esteem; family or peer conflicts; life transitions; stress management; parenting; relationship break-up; relationship stress with a partner or family member; separation; divorce; infidelity and more.  Feel free to contact me and we can discuss whether I might be the right person to help you achieve your goals. If we find I may not be the right fit, I’d be happy to recommend a few professionals who may be a better fit.

Family Counseling:  My education and training has prepared me to work effectively with families.   Several colleagues in the area to include psychiatrists and psychologists, often refer to me for family therapy/family counseling services.  Family counseling can provide a variety of benefits such as improving communication; decreasing conflict; adjusting to separation or divorce; dealing with alcoholism or addition; coping in a healthy way as a family; decreasing child behavioral problems; and more.  Feel free to contact me and we can discuss whether I might be the right person to help you and your family members achieve your goals. If we find I may not be the right fit, I’d be happy to recommend a few professionals who may be a better fit.