What Clients are Saying…

“Erin Metheny was able to focus on my hardest issues, and help me admit, openly, exactly where the root of my issues were coming from. I have never been able to voice out my anxiety to anyone, but Erin was able to take all of my stress and/or fear, and gently form them into something so powerful and positive. I no longer see myself as a victim of previous problems, but rather, a survivor who is proud to be here today, standing tall and knowing that what I went through has made me who I am today, and I refuse to let anything control me or my decisions in life again. Erin Metheny is a gifted woman who has the skill and desire to help anyone who is willing to reach out for guidance. Thank you Erin, for opening me up and helping me vercome my hardships.” -Anonymous


“When I met Erin about 10 months ago, my life was very unstable. I was starting a new business and going through a difficult separation with my wife. I did not want to become the person who hates the world and could no longer trust people. So I went to Erin and asked her to help me heal as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Erin was there for me in emergency phone sessions as well as in person. She was always my voice of reason and asked the right questions at the right time. Not only did she guide me on the right path, but she helped me figure out the right path on my own. The grieving process during a difficult separation is different for everyone and without Erin’s help I would not be as happy as I am today.” -B.


“My wife and I began seeing Erin in preparation for our marriage. Erin was very informative and knowledgeable, able to provide us with excellent insight into our relationship. The tools with which she provided us to aid us in our communication are invaluable. We were able to utilize those tools and her guidance to strengthen our relationship. Our decision to marry was emboldened by our experience with Erin. She was very good at pinpointing the underlying issues and gave us the feeling that her advice was custom tailored to us. We would highly recommend Erin.” -BRB and CSB, November 2009


“Erin helped me to love myself. She believed in me and I am now proud of myself. I was always in trouble at school and was looking at failing out. I was using drugs and was unhappy with my life. I am now off drugs and going to graduate high school on time with my class.” -LF age 17


“We were at a point where either we got help or we were going to separate. We went to Erin and she helped us to learn not only about our relationship but about ourselves. She challenged both of us to look at ourselves rather than continue to focus on what our partner was doing wrong, but in her gentle way which made working with her feel safe. The tools and the skills that she taught us are great. My husband and I feel like we are dating again. Our relationship and each other are priorities again. Thank you Erin.” -C. & A.


“As a couple, we had been through several stressful events during our marriage but Erin helped us to understand how much of an impact those events had on our relationship. She made us feel normal by helping us to see where our relationship went wrong – around the same time of these stressful and traumatic events. I finally was able to talk with my husband about some of these difficult past times. Erin taught us how to communicate safely which is just a blessing. My husband now knows how to listen and I feel heard. Through this my husband and I feel closer and I can now give him the support he needs as well. I wish we had gone to Erin sooner.” -JW


“I was a junior at my high school when I met Ms. Morey. And the reason I was seeing her was for some anger issues I’ve been trying to smooth out since my freshmen year. I was kind of uneasy at first because the counselor before her, listened to what I had to say but I felt like I wasn’t heard. When I did individual sessions with Ms. Morey, I was heard loud and clear. And since then I have learned, grown, and expressed myself more clearly, with the people around me. She was consistent in our sessions and kept it professional and confidential and I felt very comfortable and relaxed, she is a very easy person to talk to, friendly and supportive, when I had my sessions, I didn’t feel like I was being analyzed, I felt like a friend that Ive known for years was there to help me. And when I did do a group session with her, it was progressive. Ms. Morey helped me with my difficulties, and put more dimension on how I could fix my problems, even when she couldn’t be there, because she cant always be there to hold my hand. Her relaxed and caring methods of helping me with my issues impacted my life a lot. I am so happy and grateful that I met her. Because of her, I have smoothed out a lot of my issues and I try to keep things going positive and less stressed for me and the people in my life. Thank you Ms. Morey for helping me. Continue what your doing, you are truly the best! -MVJ

What Participants are Saying About PREPARE For A Liftetime…

“My fiancé and I really enjoyed working with Erin. Her passion for working with people and truly caring about her clients is clearly evident. Because of this, we were both very comfortable opening up with Erin as soon as we stepped into her office. Erin is a great listener and makes excellent suggestions on how to work out differences. Weeks after attending her class, my fiancé and I are still using some techniques and communicating much better! This is such a valuable class for engaged couples or really anyone looking to strengthen their relationship by facing common obstacles together. I would definitely suggest the PREPARE inventory as it quickly addresses topics that you and your significant other may differ on. Overall, I would highly recommend Erin’s class!” – NB and SF


“Erin did a great job! Very interesting class and brought attention to things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Thanks!”


“Erin presented a very thorough class. I definitely think it’s going to help my fiance and I build a solid relationship going into our marriage. Erin is very patient, a great listener, and can pinpoint conflict and resolutions wonderfully.”


“I believe this class was very helpful and Erin was very insightful. The interval discussions between the couples was also a good way to see things from a different view. Thank you Erin!”


“The class was very informative and I liked the workbook as well. I also enjoyed that Erin used herself and her own relationship as examples when it would clarify a point.”


“Really enjoyed the small size class. I felt comfortable with the topics and being able to communicate.”


“Thank you so much for the great tools! I especially enjoyed the wish list idea and the love styles tool. I really appreciated it. I’m sure many people will greatly benefit from your class and I highly recommend you run and take this class! Thanks again for a great class.”


“Very good class for first time couples counseling. It stimulates a lot of conversation post-session via a very comfortable atmosphere.”


“Great course! I feel much more prepared for this next step in our relationship. Great tools and exercises for future practice! Really liked when Erin talked about examples from her own family and relationship.”


“Strengths: personal experience, small group, attention to detail, thorough explanations, assistance at any given moment. Improvements: I enjoyed taking and reviewing the PREPARE inventory at the same time as participating in the class. I recommend that more couples complete the inventory with the class.”

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